Evan Rowe

Evan Rowe’s career as an electric utility regulator spans a quarter century, his power industry experience almost three decades. During this career, an initiation in nuclear prudence and rate regulation evolved into significant positions at the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) contributing to Texas’ transition to open, competitive wholesale and retail electric markets.

For the first 25 years of his career, Evan’s responsibilities at the PUCT ranged widely, from serving as Chief Policy Analyst in the Office of Policy Development, as an Advisor to Commissioner Brett Perlman and Chairman Paul Hudson, to Director of the PUCT’s Wholesale Market Oversight Division. Because of this diversity of experience, Evan developed highly specialized expertise on PUCT process, administrative rule makings, and significant institutional memory on contested cases.

During Evan’s PUCT tenure, he covered topics as diverse as rate regulation, fuel procurement, price forecasting, wholesale market operations, and oversight and enforcement. Legacy rate regulation and its specific expertise ceded ground to competitive markets during his tenure. Evan also provided expert testimony on various fuels, including renewable energy before the PUCT and on behalf of the PUCT at FERC.

A graduate of The University of Texas, Evan studied chemical engineering and petroleum engineering.


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